Standard Two-way Connector
Nozzle Adaptor
Tap Adaptor
Hose Connector
Hose Mender
Hose Adaptor Female
Hose Adaptor Male
Hose Coupling Female
Hose Coupling Male
Hose Repair Connector
Double Tap Connector
With PVC flow Control
Universal Hose Mender
Universal Hose Connector
Universal Connector
With manual valve
Universal Angled Tap Connector
Round Tap Connector
Double Tap Connector
Zinc alloy with flow Control
Metal Tap Adaptor
Metal Tap Mender
Metal Hose Connector
Metal Hose Connector
Brass Adjustable Spray nozzle
Metal Hose Coupling Male
Metal Hose Coupling Female
Metal Hose Repair Connector
Brass Hose Coupling
Male with Clamp
Brass Hose Coupling
Female with Clamp
Brass Hose Mender
With 2pcs Clamp
Soft Touch 3-way Connector
Soft Touch Tap Connector
Soft Touch hose Connector 1/2"
Universal Angled Mender
Soft Touch Spray Nozzle Set
Mechanical Water Timer
4-channel Tap Adaptor
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